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Adding An External Transmission Cooler

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Adding An External Transmission Cooler
By Wes Stinson 

[See also: Transmission Maintenance Guide]

In retrospect, this was about the easiest job I've ever done on a car.  2 hours tops!!!!  Id do this over changing the oil!!!!

You dont really need any special tools, as it mainly depends on how you decide to do it.  I didnt need more than a pair of plyers, 10mm wrench (thats automatic for working on the Q), and some other assorted things.  Youll want to have ramps or stands as you need to get under the car a little.

I ordered a B&M transmission cooler from summit racing, it was like $50.  The cooler comes with a very comprehensive installation kit, including plenty of various hoses, brackets, bolts, screws and other goodies like that.....

Youll notice I didnt take too many pictures, and the main reason is the position of these things makes it very hard to get at stuff, and its all self obvious when you get in there...

Now, the first thing you need to do is really get in there and start slashing hoses.  ALL of them need to go.  On the 94-96 Q its kind of like 2 coolers in one, as there is one on the top and one on the bottom.  Here is a diagram

The yellow circles are the places where the cooler lines run...  Slash all those lines, but cut them close to the fitting...


Some models are also equipped with an external filter, all this thing does is prevent the cooler from clogging, as the ports are really small.....  I opened up the filter, and upon inspection there was only a few little bits of metal in it (very miniscule, and hard to tell because I used a hacksaw to open it.).  The filter was very brittle and tired, and I completely eliminated it from the loop.


The filter is held on by 3 bolts on to a bracket, on the chassis.

This picture is hard to tell, but I unbolted the bracked and cut those hoses.  Pull it out and throw it aside.

Now that all the hoses are cut, at the metal cooler lines under the car you will notice this.

That metal line on the left has 2 outlets (or inlets, not sure if its in or out).  I plugged up the one sticking out to the side like this, I stuck a bolt into a little chunk of hose and tightened it down.

I might however recommend doing something different, as mine is leaking a TINY bit (2-3 drops overnight).  I am going to modify mine, as I think the bolt I used was too small......

Heres that setup all hooked up

The rest is cake, all you gotta do is hook up the included hose to the cooler. 

Theres not quite enough hose to make it both ways, so I cheaped out and used the old hose by attaching it with included fittings.  ABSOLUTELY no leaks with this setup.

Here's mine installed! (without the hoses on obviously.  I used the holes in the radiator at the top, and cut the brackets so they would go flush against the radiator.  IT wont move because its touching the PS cooler lines.

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