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No disrespect at all Andy, by no means am I clinlag against your shots, my point since last week was in my opinion the gap won't fill this time, we won't see 370s anymore, I sold my weekly and Aug speeds at the open last week and bought back at 386 more weeklies which I just sold now, I had Aug 395-400 at .60 cost which I sold at 2.5 and rolled into Sept just in case Apple does close blow 400 in Aug, I respect your work a lot and have been one of your early followers since 07 ! I am just throwing ideas out there that it IS possible the sell on news trend won't hold, this has been an usual year for Apple ! We might get a iPhone event in late Aug which will give it another shot in the arm. I didn't sell any Oct or jan spreads, holding them or rolling them up later. It's still crazy that Jan spreads are such an easy double below 400 strike ! Hats off to the Master ! looking forward to your Apple 600 article..

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